New Rehearsal Hall

New Rehearsal Hall

A new rehearsal hall has been a dream of Sequim City Band since The James Center first opened. Swisher Hall, the current rehearsal facility for Sequim City Band, the Sequim Community Orchestra, the Strings Kids Program, and several other ensembles was built along with the James Center in 2005. Once the Band completed the building project, the entire facility was donated to the City of Sequim for use by many diverse musical organizations.

Swisher Hall was intended to be an “all-purpose room” for use by up to 35 people at a time. The growth of the Band to as many as 70 members is one of the driving factors in the need for a new facility. The Sequim Community Orchestra has experienced growth exceeding the current space as well. The tight quarters littered with music stands, chairs, instruments, and cases in addition to personnel have created a hazardous environment for our musicians. Poor acoustics, dated, dim lighting, and stagnant air within the room also have negative impacts on our volunteers.

Another concern has been the growth of the Band’s music library and instrument collection. The library alone has grown from 5 file cabinets of music in 2002 to over two dozen cabinets full of the music that the public enjoys at each of the Band’s free concerts. Musical instruments, particularly large percussion instruments, have been acquired by the Band over the years and fail to fit into the 25 square foot storage closet within Swisher Hall. Having a separate facility in which to rehearse will help preserve and secure these personal properties of the Band.

Lastly, the new rehearsal hall will benefit from the addition of a second bathroom. The large, open, nearly 2500 square foot hall will easily accommodate up to an estimated 75 musicians. The proportions of the room will make sound acoustics more easily achieved and new lighting and HVAC systems will help contribute to the overall comfort, safety, and usability of the hall. The community will be able to rent the new hall through the City which has not been an option due to the band’s equipment and music storage in the current space. The current Swisher hall footprint will be used as storage and music library for the band.

The Band promotes other musical organizations by providing the use of Swisher Hall for rehearsals. These include

  • Sequim Community Orchestra
  • Strings Kids Music Education Program
  • The Saxologists Saxophone Ensemble
  • Olympic Winds Clarinet Choir
  • The Sequim City Band Brass Quintet
  • Adventures in Music String Quartet
  • Adventures in Music Woodwind Quintet
  • Select groups performing for the City of Sequim events with assistance from the Sequim City Band

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Master Builders $5,000 +
Sequim City Band
Arts Fund
M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust
Patricia Petit
Patsy & David Mattingley
Randy & Debbi Soderstrom
Steve Shepherd
David & Janet Proebstel
The Sunderland Foundation

Apprentices $1,000-$4,999
Linda Makela
Susan Thrune
Jim Witt
Mary Lowry
Wendy & Michael Starkey
The Boeing Company
Cindy & John Mackay
John Adams
Marie Meyers
Mark & Lisa Condran
Martin & Audreen Williams
Mary Allen Clark
Mike & Diane Flynn
Seth Saxton
Sunni Becker
William & Susanne Herrick
William and Kathy Benedict
Sharyn Fuller
Pat Gachowski
Vernon and Sandra Frykholm

Carpenters $10-$999
David & Valerie Hinchliff, Bryan and Janet Bock, Dale & Linda Hackney, David and Jane Olson, Philip Morgan-Ellis, Robert Knapp, Mary Massey, David and Cindy Rodgers, Thomas & Nancy Reis, Daniel Servos, Lona & Joe D’Entrone, Lisa Bright, Masami Dave & Brenda Nishinaka, Eberhard Klix, Elizabeth Garifalos, Janet Norman, John & Nancy Jost, Lesa Barnes, Marge Rosen, Michael McAleer, Patricia Stewart M.D., Paul Larned, Roberta & Neil Usselman, Samantha Ewing, Bob Becker, Branette Richards, Cheryl Montgomery, Rebecca Jones, Richard & Christine Snow, Marilyn & Martin Siebens, Lesa Barnes, John David Crow

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