The Sequim City Band maintains an extensive music library, last updated on December 14 2014

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TitleSubtitleComposer(s)Pseudonymn (Composer)ArrangerCategoryDates Performed
101 MarchChuck SwisherMarch
103rd InfantryArthur F. RoundyMarch17-May-98
136th U.S.A. Field ArtilleryHenry FillmoreMarch20-Apr-08
17th Regiment Band MarchWill HuffMarch
1812 OverturePeter Ilyich TchaikowskyMayhew L. LakeOverture4-Jul-14, 18-Jul-10, + 2 more
20th Century BandJ.H. GillMarch21-Jun-98
2nd Regiment P.M. MarchR.B. HallMarch
A Bag of RagsW.R. McKanlassW.K. WhitingRag16-Sep-01
A Bernstein TributeLeonard BernsteinClare GrundmanBroadway
A Century of ProgressJohn Philip SousaMarch10-Mar-13, 17-Jul-05
A Chorus LineSelections fromMarvin HamlischJohn CacavasBroadway20-Apr-08
A Circus Band ContestCake WalkArthur PryorFrank MortonMarch20-Jun-04, 19-May-02
A Circus ClemThe March DifferentS. Edward ChenetteMarch19-May-02
A Cohan SaluteGeorge M. CohanDon BesgBroadway15-Aug-04
A Copland PortraitAaron CoplandClare GrundmanSelections19-May-13
A Day at Music CampPaul YoderNovelty
A Disney March SpectacularmultiTed RickettsMovies28-Oct-08, 19-Jun-05, + 2 more
A Festive ProcessionalDaniel CovatsMarch15-Aug-10
A Fireside ChristmasmultiSammy NesticoHoliday8-Dec-13
A Georgia Jade(Ragtime Two Step)R.B. HallMarch15-Apr-07
A Gershwin Portrait!George GershwinJohn HigginsPop21-Mar-04, 21-Jul-02, 20-Sep-98
A Guide to Home Music PracticeHandouts
A Role of HonorMike LeckroneMarch18-Sep-11
A Salute to New York CitymultiJack BullockBroadway19-Mar-06
A String of PearlsEddie DeLange & Jerry GrayJohnnie VinsonSwing
A String of PearlsEddie DeLange & Jerry GrayJohn WassonSwing
A Symphonic CelebrationAnne McGintySymphony
A Symphony of SitcomsmultiPaul LavenderT.V.19-May-02, 18-May-03
A Touch of CohanGeorge M. CohanStan ApplebaumBroadway16-Sep-07
A Touch of TubaArt DedrickSolo & band18-Jul-04, 22-Oct-06
A Tribute to Harold ArlenHarold ArlenJames KesslerPop15-Jul-12, 4-Jul-12, 19-Aug-07
A Tribute to Harry JamesmultiSammy NesticoSwing16-Sep-12
A Tribute to Rodgers and HammersteinRichard RodgersCalvin CusterBroadway19-Aug-01, 20-Jun-99
A Trumpeter’s LullabyLeroy AndersonPhilip J. LangSolo & band21-Sep-08, 15-Jun-13
Across CanadaMarchC.E. DubleMarch
Across the Atlantic MarchRussell AlexanderMarch19-Aug-07
Across the DanubeJohn Philip SousaMarch21-Jun-09
Activity MarchHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
Adagio and TarantellaErnesto CavalliniAlfred ReedSolo & band23-Oct-11
Adalid, the Chieftain MarchR.B. HallMarch
Adjutant Bridge MarchR.B. HallMarch17-Jul-11
Admiral Farragut MarchFrank Hoyt LoseyMarch
Admiral McClinton MarchRicky AndrewsMarch16-Aug-09
Adrenaline EnginesRandall D. StandridgeSelections18-Sep-11
Advance MarchHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
Aeolian WaltzesWalter Paul EnglishWaltz
Air for BandFrank EricksonSelections17-May-98
Aisling GaelachWilliam HarbinsonSelections19-Aug-12
Al and Hal DuetHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
Alamo MarchHenry FillmoreWill HuffMarch20-Jun-10
Albanian MarchR.B. HallMarch15-Jun-08
Alexander's Ragtime BandIrving BerlinPaul MurthaSolo & band15-Jun-14, 14-Mar-10, 21-Oct-07
Algerine MarchR.B. HallMarch
Aline MarchHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
All Day MarchHenry FillmoreMarch
All Purpose Band BookmultiC. Paul HerfurthSummer Concerts
All Shook UpSelections frommultiTed RickettsPop19-Jul-09
All Those Endearing Young CharmsSimone MantiaAndrew GloverSolo & band22-Oct-06
All Western Band Review MarchJ.J. RichardsMarch
All You Need is LoveJohn Lennon & Paul McCartneyChristopher Dedrick & Howard CablePop
Alla Marcia from Karelia SuiteOp. 11Jean SibeliusRichard Franko GoldmanSelections14-Mar-10
AlleluiaW.A. MozartPhilip GordonSolo & band
Amazing GraceFrank TicheliSelections28-Oct-12
Ambition OvertureHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
America(from "West Side Story")Leonard BernsteinMichael BrownBroadway16-Sep-12, 21-Oct-07
AmericaJohn CacavasPatriotic
America FirstJohn Philip SousaMarch16-Sep-07, 4-Jul-11, 17-Jul-11
America, Overture on National AirsTheo MosesM.C. MeyrellesPatriotic
America, the BeautifulSamuel Augustus WardJohn CacavasPatriotic4-Jul-08, 4-Jul-06, + many more
America, the BeautifulSamuel Augustus WardCarmen DragonPatriotic4-Jul-14, 20-Oct-13, 4-Jul-13
American Beauty WaltzKarl L. KingWaltz15-Jun-14, 20-Aug-06, + many
American Cadet MarchR.B. HallMarch19-Aug-12
American ConcertetteJohn CacavasSelections
American FlourishRobert W. SmithPatriotic4-Jul-14, 17-Jul-11, 4-Jul-11
American Folk RhapsodyClaire GrundmanSelections21-Sep-08
American Honor MarchOp. 43Harold Josiah CrosbyMarch
American Legion MarchJ.J. RichardsMarch17-Sep-06
American MinstrelsGeorge HowardMarch20-Jul-08, 4-Jul-08, 19-Sep-04
American PatrolF.W. MeachamMarch4-Jul-14, 15-Jul-12, + 2 more
American SaluteMorton GouldPhillip J. LangPatriotic
American SaluteMorton GouldDouglas E. WagnerPatriotic15-Sep-13, 4-Jul-13, 4-Jul-12
Americans WeHenry FillmoreFrederick FennellMarch4-Jul-14, 8-Sep-10, + many more
Among the Roses WaltzC.L. BarnhouseWaltz
Amparito RocaJaime TexidorSelections10-Mar-13, 16-Jul-06, + 3 more
An Irish TributetraditionalLloyd ConleySelections16-Jun-02, 18-Apr-99
An Old Time Political ParadeNovelty MarchHenry FillmoreMarch
Anchor and StarMarchJohn Philip SousaMarch18-May-08
Anchors AweighAlfred H. MilesPaul YoderPatriotic
Ancient and Honorable Artillery CompanyMarchJohn Philip SousaMarch6-Jul-12, 4-Jul-12, 20-Jul-08
AndromedaDavid ShafferSelections17-Jul-12
Androscoggin MarchR.B. HallMarch
Angelica MarchR.B. HallMarch
Annette WaltzHenry FillmoreHarold BennettWaltz
Anniversary WaltzDave Franklin & Al DubinChuck SwisherWaltz18-Apr-04
Annona SerenadeHenry FillmoreHarold BennettWaltz
Anthes MarchJ.H. GillMarch
Antiphony for WindsGerald KechleySelections
AR1s MarsjHans ThoresenAge HermansenMarch
Armed Forces SalutemultiBob LowdenPatriotic4-Jul-14, 4-Jul-13, + many more
Army and Marine MarchW. ZehleMarch
Army of the NileQuick MarchKenneth J. AlfordFrederick FennellMarch20-Jul-10, 16-Mar-03
Artist's Life WaltzJohann StraussF.H. GreissingerWaltz
Ashokan FarewellJay UngarRicky LombardoSolo: Flute Choir
At a Dixieland Jazz FuneraltraditionalJared SpearsSolo & band14-Mar-10, 16-Apr-06, + 2 more
At Evening TimeFred JewellMarch16-Jul-00
At SightMarchHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
Atlantic City PageantMarchJohn Philip SousaMarch15-Jun-08
Aunt Hannah, Characteristic Marach and Two-StepHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
Aura LeeJames SwearingenSelections
Autumn Festival OvertureJ.J. RichardsOverture
Autumn LeavesJohnny MercerAlfred ReedPop20-Oct-13, 17-Sep-06
AvatarJames HornerJay BocookMovies
Baby Elephant WalkHenry ManciniJohn MossMovies19-Aug-12, 16-Jul-06, + many
Bacharach!Burt BacharachLes TaylorPop
Back HomeSammy NesticoSwing
Bagatelle MarchJ.J. RichardsMarch
Ballad For TromboneMilton L. BushSolo & band
Baltimore's Boast MarchRussell AlexanderMarch17-May-09
Band Aid MarchChuck SwisherMarch22-Apr-01
Band of the YearJohn BavicchiOverture
Banner of DemocracyHenry FillmoreAl HayesMarch
Barnum & Bailey's FavoriteKarl L. KingMarch25-Oct-09, 16-Jul-06, + many
Barnum and Bailey’s Royal PageantC.E. DubleMarch16-Sep-07
Bashana Haba 'AhNurit HirshLloyd ConleyHoliday8-Dec-13
Basin Street BluesSpencer WilliamsPaul JenningsSwing17-Jul-11
BassologyNovelty MarchmultiMackie-BeyerMarch
Bastinado GalopRussell AlexanderMarch19-Jun-11
Battle Hymn of the RepublicClaude T. SmithPatriotic18-Apr-04
Battle of the WindsC.E. DubleMarch18-Apr-04
Battle RoyalFred JewellMarch18-Jun-06,10-Sep-03,17-Aug-03
Battleship Maine MarchWill HuffMarch
Bayerische G schicktenWilly RichartzS.DimbacherMarch
BB MarchDedicated to the Bangor BandR.B. HallMarch
Beach Boys On StageMedleymultiJohn MossPop19-Aug-07, 17-Sep-06
Beauty and The BeastHighlights fromAlan MenkenJohn MossMovies15-Sep-13, 17-Aug-03
Beguine for FlutesEric OsterlingSolo & band21-Sep-14, 16-Aug-09, + many
Beguine for TrombonesJames ChristensenSolo & band
Belford’s CarnivalRussell AlexanderMarch
BelphegorMarchE. BregsantA. WinterMarch17-Jun-01
Benny Goodman: The King of SwingBenny GoodmanPaul MurthaSwing10-Mar-13, 19-Jun-11, + 2 more
Berry's U.S. Republic BandMarchC.E. DubleMarch21-Sep-08
Beyond the RockiesWalter Paul EnglishMarch
Big Noise from WinnetkaBob Haggart & Ray BauducMike StorySwing20-Mar-11
BIGA MarchHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
Bill BaileymultiZane Van AukenPop
Bill Bailey Just Won’t Come HomemultiLarry NeeckPop21-Aug-11
Bill Moffit’s SoundpowerChristmas CelebrationmultiBill MoffitHoliday
BirdlandJosef ZawinalBob LowdenSwing19-Sep-10
Black Magic WomanPeter GreenCaesar GiovanniniPop18-Sep-11, 16-Aug-09, + many
Block M MarchJerry BilikMarch19-May-13
Blue Jackets on ParadeEdwin Franko GoldmanMarch
Blue Mist BeguineEric OsterlingSelections15-Apr-07
Blue MoonRichard RodgersWarren BarkerSolo & band17-Sep-06, 21-Sep-03, + many
Blue TangoLeroy AndersonJerry BrubakerPop19-May-13, 19-Sep-10, + many
Blue TopazTommy PedersonJohn ColegroveSolo & band8-Sep-10, 15-Aug-10
Bones TromboneOne StepHenry FillmoreMarch17-Jun-12, 16-Apr-06
Bonnie Annie LaurieJohn Philip SousaMarch21-Sep-08
Boogie WoogieClarence ‘Pinetop’ SmithJohn WarringtonSwing
Born FreeDon Black & John BerryFrederick MillerMovies20-Apr-06
Boss TromboneHenry FillmoreMarch
Boss WindjammerLoren D. GeigerMarch
Boy Scouts of AmericaMarchJohn Philip SousaMarch29-Jun-10, 17-Aug-08
Brass on BroadwaymultiCalvin CusterBroadway15-Jun-08
BravuraC.E. DubleMarch16-Aug-09
Bright Star Overture(March)Henry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
Brighton BeachConcert MarchWilliam LathamMarch6-Jul-12, 20-May-12, + 3 more
Broadway JourneymultiJames ChristensenBroadway20-May-01, 18-Jun-00
Broadway One Step or Two-StepKarl L. KingMarch15-May-05, 17-Jun-01
Broadway!multiJack BullockBroadway19-May-02
Broadway’s BestmultiJohnnie VinsonBroadway24-Oct-04
Bugle Call RagMarchCarey Morgan & Eubie BlakeD. OnivasRag20-May-01
Bugler's HolidayLeroy AndersonSolo & band19-Aug-12, 16-Mar-08, + many
Bull TromboneHenry FillmoreMarch
Bullets and BayonetsJohn Philip SousaMarch28-Oct-12, 20-Sep-09
Burr's Triumphal MarchRussell AlexanderMarch
But Not For MeGeorge GershwinWarren BarkerSolo & band22-Oct-06
Bye Bye BirdieHighlights fromCharles StrouseCalvin CusterBroadway17-Jun-12, 17-Jun07, + 2 more
Cadets On ParadeJ.J. RichardsMarch
Caesar's TriumphalG.F. MitchellMarch
CamelotMarch fromFrederick LernerRobert Russell BennettBroadway17-Aug-08, 20-Oct-02
CamelotConcert Medley fromFrederick LernerVictor LopezBroadway21-Oct-07, 24-Oct-04
CanabasMarchR.B. HallMarch
Canadian Club MarchWill HuffMarch
CandideOverture toLeonard BernsteinWalter BeelerBroadway14-Mar-10
CapriccioTo Andy KellyJames CurnowSolo & band
CapriceWilliam HimesSelections
CaravanDuke EllingtonRalph Ford & Bryden AtwaterSwing
Caravan ClubKarl L. KingMarch21-Sep-08
Carnaval for Symphonic BandLucien CaillietTr. by Don FleischnerSelections
Carnaval MarchIvar LundeMarch
Carnival of VeniceHerbert L. ClarkeSolo & band
Carol of the BellsMikola Leontovich & Peter J. WilhouskyBill CalhounHoliday
Carol SheetsmultiChuck SwisherHoliday8-Dec-13
CarouselSelections fromRichard RodgersCalvin CusterBroadway19-May-13, 8-Sep-10, + 3 more
Carry On To Victory MarchJ.J. RichardsMarch
Caught by the HornsBurton HardinSolo & band23-Oct-11
Celebrity MarchJ.J. RichardsMarch
CenteniumAnne McGintySelections
Centennial OvertureJohn CacavasOverture19-May-13
CeremonialJack BullockSelections
Ceremonial Overture for Concert BandJohn CacavasOverture
Chalma WaltzHenry FillmoreHarold BennettWaltz16-Apr-06
Champ Clark’s CongressWill HuffMarch19-Jun-11
Charge of the BattalionR.B. HallMarch
Chariots Of FireVangelisPhil FieldMovies
Chester - Overture for BandWilliam SchumanOverture
ChicagoSelections fromJohn KanderTed RickettsBroadway20-May-12, 5-Jul-06, + 2 more
ChicagoPop & Rock LegendsJohn WassonPop16-Aug-09
Children of the RegimentJulius FucikBruce HartmannMarch18-May-08
Christmas FavoritesmultiMichael SweeneyHoliday
Christmas TimemultiForrest L. BuchtelHoliday
Chromatic Intonation Tendency ChartHandouts
Circus DaysFrank PiersolMarch19-Jul-98
Circus MarchCharlie ChaplinChuck SwisherMarch20-Jun-99
Circusdom MarchFred JewellMarch21-May-06
Clarinet CandyLeroy AndersonSolo & band17-Jun-07, 19-Sep-04, + 2 more
Clarinet EscapadeRussell WardSolo & band16-Mar-08, 19-Jun-05, + 3 more
Clarinet HoedownJohn MossSolo & band
Clarinet TuningHandouts
ClarineticsRichard MeyerSolo & band19-Jul-09, 10-Mar-05, 22-Apr-01
Classical RondoAntonio CapuzziAndrew GloverSolo & band
Cleopatra PolkaE. DamoreJ.B. ClausSolo & band
ClownetteNoveltyHarry L. AlfordNovelty
Col. Brett MarchR.B. HallMarch
Col. Philbrook MarchR.B. HallMarch
Cole Porter on BroadwayCole PorterWarren BarkerBroadway15-Aug-04
College Boy MarchHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
College Songs for School BandsmultiPaul YoderMarch
Colonel BogeyKenneth J. AlfordMarch25-Oct-09, 17-Sep-06, + many
Colonel Fitch MarchR.B. HallMarch
Colors Of The WindAlan MenkenPaul LavenderMovies21-Jun-09
Colossus of ColumbiaRussell AlexanderMarch18-Aug-13, 16-May-04
Columbia's Pride, MarchJohn Philip SousaGay CorrieMarch
Comedy Tom MarchGus KingMarch
Comical Indian MarchR.B. HallMarch
Comin' Round The MountainNoveltyHenry FillmoreMarch
Commonwealth March and Two-StepR.B. HallMarch
Complacent QuadrilleKloepferRobert G. JohnsonSelections
Comrades of the LegionJohn Philip SousaMarch16-Sep-12, 20-May-07
Con Celerita GalopJ.J. RichardsMarch
Concert Band ClinicRobert W. SmithRobert W. SmithWarm-up
Concert RondoW.A. MozartAndy ClarkSolo & band28-Oct-12
ConcertinoCecile ChaminadeClayton WilsonSolo & band
ConcordMarchHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
Congress HallMarchJohn Philip SousaMarch19-Jul-09
ConstellationJ.C. HeedMarch
Constitution StateEric OsterlingMarch21-May-00, 18-Jul-99, 19-Apr-98
Cotton Top RagWill HuffMarch
Cotuit Park MarchJ.J. RichardsMarch
Count RockulaTimothy LoestHoliday24-Oct-10
Country CircusF. ThompsonMarch16-Sep-01
Country GardensPercy Aldridge GraingerJohn Philip SousaSelections18-Jul-10
Courage, MarchHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
Coventry OvertureJohn TatgenhorstOverture
Covington SquareJames SwearingenSelections
Cradle of Liberty MarchHenry FillmoreAl HayesMarch
Crescent Queen MarchFrank Hoyt LoseyMarch
Crime BustersPaul JenningsT.V.17-Sep-00
Crimson PlumeMarchC.E. DubleMarch
Crown ImperialWilliam WaltonJay BocookMarch23-Mar-14
Cruising Down the RiverEily Beadell & Nell TollertonC. Paul HerfurthWaltz20-Jul-03, 18-May-03, 17-Sep-00
Crusade For Freedom MarchJ.J. RichardsMarch
CubalandSuite in three partsJohn Philip SousaMarch
CuteNeil HeftiRoy PhillipeSolo & band21-Aug-11
Daddy's DelightFrank Hoyt LoseyMarch16-Jun-13
Dance DuoDale W. EymanSelections
Dance FevermultiMichael BrownPop20-Jun-10
Dance of the CuckoosMarvin Hatley & Harry SteinbergLance MundaySelections
Dance of the Hoursa la LatinaAmilcare PonchielliHugh M. StuartSwing17-Aug-08
Dance of the ManikinsFrank Hoyt LoseyMarch
Dances with WolvesConcert Suite fromJohn BarryJay BocookMovies24-Oct-04, 21-Jun-98
Dancing DollsGavotteJuius S. SeredyNovelty
Daughters of Texas MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch20-Mar-05
Dawn ReverieHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
DecenniumJohn EdmondsonSelections
Deep River SuiteFrank EricksonSelections
Delmar MarchHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
Didn't We Almost Have It AllMichael Masser & Will JenningsJames SwearingenPop20-May-07
DiscoveryEric OsterlingSelections
Disney at the MoviesmultiJohn HigginsMovies11-Mar-12, 24-Oct-04, + 2 more
Diversion in FArthur FranckenpohlMarch
Dixie FantasyDan D. EmmettJack BullockSelections18-Jun-06, 20-Jun-04, 16-Aug-98
Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans?Eddie DeLange & Louis AlterChuck SwisherSolo & band21-Sep-08
Don A Doo DatFox TrotHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
Don't Cry for Me ArgentinaAndrew Lloyd WebberMichael SweeneyBroadway19-Jun-11, 15-May-11, + 3 more
Drums A-PlentyRay Gilbert & Lew PollackJames ChristensenSwing20-Apr-08
Du Ska Fa En Dag I MaraOtto NielsenAlf ProysenSelections
Duke Ellington In ConcertDuke EllingtonPaul MurthaSwing23-Oct-11, 20-Sep-09
Dunlap Commandery MarchR.B. HallMarch
Dusty TromboneMarch or One StepHenry FillmoreMarch
E Pluribus UnumFred JewellMarch18-Apr--04, 16-Jul-00
Each Time You Tell Their StorySamuel HazoPatriotic4-Jul-13
Eagle and WreathRobin G. BlakeMarch21-Jun-09
Easter Monday on the White House LawnJohn Philip SousaHarold R. GoreMarch16-Apr-06, 20-Apr-03
Easter ParadeIrving BerlinChuck SwisherHoliday16-Apr-06, 20-Apr-03
Easterner MarchJ.J. RichardsMarch
Eclipse GalopKarl L. KingMarch
EelsA Trombone ZipperHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch21-Aug-05
Egmont OvertureLudwig von BeethovenTheo. Moses-TobaniOverture
El CapitanJohn Philip SousaMarch17-Aug-14, 18-May-14, + many
El MatadorDavid BennettSolo & band
El RelicarioPaso DobleJose PadillaSelections16-May-10
EldoradoSammy NesticoSelections
Elergy for a Young AmericanRonald Lo PrestiSelections18-May-14
Elton JohnPop & Rock LegendsElton John & Bernie TaupinTed RickettsPop
Emblem of UnityJ.J. RichardsJohn BoydMarch15-Jun-08
Emblem of UnityJ.J. RichardsMarch19-May-13
Embossing the Emblem MarchRussell AlexanderMarch
Embraceable YouGeorge GershwinWarren BarkerSolo & band12-Aug-06, 5-Jul-06, + many
Encantada (Enchanted)Wally JohnsonSelections
Energy OvertureHenry FillmoreHarold BennettOverture
English Folk Song SuiteRalph Vaughan WilliamsSelections10-Mar-13
Espana CaniPascual MarquinaRobert LongfieldMarch23-Mar-14
Espana RhapsodyEmmanuel ChabrierWalter BeelerSelections16-Jun-02, 18-Jun-00
Espana WaltzE. WaldteufelF.H. GreissingerWaltz
Esprit du CorpsJohn Philip SousaMarch
Evans' Fashion Plate MarchC.E. DubleMarch
EventideSerenadeKarl L. KingMarch
ExodusHighlights fromErnest GoldAlfred ReedMovies26-Oct-03
Eyes of BrownSchottischeWill HuffMarch
Fandango for Mallet Percussion and BandOscar StoveAndy ClarkSolo & band
Fanfare and MarchChuck SwisherMarch
Fanfare For The Common ManAaron CoplandRobert LongfieldSelections22-Mar-09
Fantasia on Lady of SpainTolchard EvansDonald HunsbergerSelections12-Aug-06, 5-Jul-06, + many
Fantastic FosterStephen FosterLindsey C. HarnsbergerPop
Fantasy on a Mountain SongWilliam HimesPop
Fantasy on Themes from TchaikovskyPeter Ilyich TchaikovskyFrank EricksonThemes & Variations28-Oct-12
Farandole(from "L’Arlesienne Suite No. 2")Georges BizetLarry DaehnSelections
Farewell Symphony Finale (Presto and Adagio)Joseph HaydnM.L. LakeSolo & band
Fascinating RhythmGeorge GershwinBill HolcombeSolo: Flute Quartet
FelicitasMarchR.B. HallMarch
Festival MarchWill HuffMarch
Festival PreludeAlfred ReedJames CurnowSelections15-Jul-12, 4-Jul-12
Fiddle FaddleLeroy AndersonPhilip J. LangPop15-Jun-08
Fiddler on the RoofSelections fronJerry BockMick StoryBroadway18-Sep-11, 20-Aug-06, + many
Fidelity MarchJ.C. HeedMarch
Fidelity MarchKarl L. KingMarch
Field of Glory MarchFred K. HufferMarch
Fire JumpGalopMerle EvansMarch18-May-08, 20-Aug-06, + 2 more
First Suite in E FlatGustav HolstSelections18-May-14, 23-Mar-14, + 3 more
Flag of Humanity MarchHenry FillmoreAl HayesMarch
Flags of FreedomJohn Philip SousaMarch15-May-05
Flashing WindsJan Van der RoostSelections18-Aug-13
Flight of the FlutesJames D. PloyharSolo & band20-May-12
FlirtationMarchR.B. HallMarch2-Nov-14
FlorentinerMarchJulius FucikFrederick FennellMarch20-Oct-13, 15-Sep-13, + 3 more
Florider MarchJ.J. RichardsMarch
Florodora MarchWill HuffMarch
Flower Drum SongRichard RodgersPhilip J. LangBroadway18-May-08, 15-Jun-03
Flutes FourArthur Franken PohlSolo & band
Flutopia, Fantasia for FlutesDavid SchafferSolo & band16-Sep-12
Flying EagleH.L. BlankenburgMarch20-Apr-03
Folies Bergere MarchPaul LinkeGunter RoyerMarch
Follow the Eagle MarchJohn CoyleVaclav NelhybelMarch
For The Freedom Of The WorldHarold Josiah CrosbyMarch16-Aug-09
Forest City Commandery MarchKarl L. KingMarch19-Jul-09
Fort Chester March and Two-StepWill HuffMarch
Fort GayWill HuffMarch
Fort Popham MarchR.B. HallMarch
Fort Royal MarchWill HuffMarch
Fort Worden Centennial MarchKarl BachMarch
Four GladiatorsRussell AlexanderLoren D. GeigerMarch
Fra Valdres I-IIOlav HeggeMarch
French National Defile March(Le Regiment de Sambre-et-meuse)A. TurletL.P. LaurendeauMarch20-Jun-10, 26-Oct-08
From Maine to OregonJohn Philip SousaMarch
From Tropic to Tropic MarchRussell AlexanderMarch17-Apr-05
Frozen Bill RagArthur PryorRag15-Jun-14, 17-Aug-03
Fugue On Yankee DoodleJohn Philip SousaKeith Brion & Loras SchisselSelections18-Jul-10, 4-Jul-10, + 3 more
Funeral March(Eternal Rest)John Philip SousaMarch
Funeral March of a MarionetteCharles GounodClark McAlisterHoliday24-Oct-10
Funiculi FuniculaLuigi DenzaAlfred ReedPop15-Jul-12, 21-Jun-09
G.M.B MarchGardiner (Maine) Miliary BandJohn Philip SousaMarch
Gabriel's OboeEnnio MorriconeRobert LongfieldSolo & band14-Mar-10
Gallrein's TriumphalMarchC.E. DubleMarch
Galop Zip BoomC.E. DubleMarch
Gamle HaldenOscar BorgT. KolaasMarch
Gammel JegermarsjtraditionalOyvind StrandMarch
Gardes du Corps MarchR.B. HallMarch
Garland Entree MarchKarl L. KingMarch
Gate City (Atlanta)A.F. WeldonMarch
General Mitchell MarchR.B. HallMarch
General Mixup, USAT.S. AllenMarch
General Pershing MarchOne Step or Two StepCarl D. VanderslootFrank E. BarryMarch
General Pitch TendenciesHandouts
Geneva GalopJ.J. RichardsMarch21-Jun-09
Genius MarchHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
George Washington BicentennialJohn Philip SousaFrederick FennellMarch
Georgia on My MindHoagie CarmichaelJohn HigginsSwing
Get on Board!A Spiritual MedleyHarold L.WaltersRon CowherdPop18-Aug-06
Ghost in The AtticRob GriceHoliday24-Oct-10
Gifted LeadershipMarchHenry FillmoreMarch15-Aug-10
Glenn Miller In ConcertGlenn MillerPaul MurthaSwing7-Sep-14, 17-Aug-14, + 2 more
Glenwood MarchR.B. HallMarch
Globe and Eagle MarchJohn Philip SousaGay CorrieMarch
Go Raiders Go / Hail! Hail to EdisonHenry FillmoreMarch
Go West!multiRalph FordMovies21-Oct-07
Go, GalopHenry FillmoreWill HuffMarch18-Apr-04
God Bless AmericaIrving BerlinChuck SwisherPatriotic4-Jul-13, 4-Jul-12, + many
Goin' HomeAntonin DvorakJori A. VillanuevaMovies
Golden BearMarchJ.J. RichardsMarch11-Mar-12
Golden FriendshipsMarchHenry FillmoreMarch11-Mar-12
Golden Jubilee MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
Golden Plume MarchHenry FillmoreWill HuffMarch21-May-00,19-Sep-99,20-Sep-98
Goldenrod WaltzWill HuffWaltz
Goldenstate Band MarchChas. E. PostMarch18-Jul-10
Grand Serenade for an Awful Lot of Winds and PercussionS. 1000P.D.Q. BachPeter SchickeleSelections
Grease!Warren Casey & Jim JacobsJohn MossBroadway21-Sep-14, 14-Apr-07
Great Movie MarchesmultiJohn MossMovies19-Mar-06
Great Warm-Ups for Advancing BandsBruce PearsonWarm-Up
GreensleevestraditionalAlfred ReedHoliday8-Dec-13
Greeting To Bangor MarchR.B. HallMarch
Guide Right MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
Guys & DollsHighlights fromFrank LosserCalvin CusterBroadway24-Oct-14, 16-May-10
Gyral, Fast DanceHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
Ha Ha HaA Laughing NoveltyHenry FillmoreMarch
Hail AmericaMarchJ.J. RichardsMarch6-Jul-12, 4-Jul-12
Hail Miami!J.J. RichardsMarch
Hail the Conquering HeroGeorge Frederick HandelJohn KenyonSelections25-Oct-09
Hail to the Spirit of Liberty MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch4-Jul-06, 18-Jun-08, 19-Sep-04
Hallelujah Chorusfrom "The Messiah"George Frederick HandelRobert LongfieldHoliday
Ham TromboneNovelty MarchHenry FillmoreMarch
Hamiltonian MarchR.B. HallMarch
Hamlin Rifles MarchR.B. HallMarch
Hampton Roads MarchRussell AlexanderMarch
Hand in HandMarsch (Op. 7)Franz von BlonMarch
Handel In The StrandClog DancePercy Aldridge GraingerJohn Philip / Keith Brion / Loras SchiesselSelections
Hands Across the SeaJohn Philip SousaMarch19-Jun-11, 8-Sep-10, + many
Hansel and GretelSelections fromE. HumperdinckV.F. SafranckSelections
Happy BirthdaytraditionalNovelty
Happy Holiday / White ChristmasIrving BerlinTed RickettsHoliday8-Dec-13
Harlem NocturneEarle Hagen & Dick RogersPaul MurthaSolo & band20-Mar-11
Harmonica WizardThomas Edison MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
HavanaCuban SerenadeHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
Have A Llittle Fun MarchComedy TuneHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
Hazel StreetChuck SwisherMarch15-Jul-01, 17-Sep-00
Headway MarchHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
HelenenFranz Von LubbertH. KlimentaMarch
Heroes of LuzonMarchC.E. DubleMarch
Hi-Fi HopVincent Lopez & Bill SimonPaul SterrettSelections
High and MightyFred JewellMarch21-Sep-08, 15-Jun-03
High TowerMarchHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
Higham MarchHenry FillmoreWill HuffMarch
Hiland MarchHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
Hillbilly SerenadeRobert KelleySelections
His ExcellencyMarchHenry FillmoreMarch15-Jun-08
His HonorMarchHenry FillmoreMarch23-Mar-14
Hoagey Carmichael in ConcertHoagie CarmichaelWarren BarkerPop19-Sep-10, 16-May-04, + many
Hoe DownAaron CoplandMark RogersSelections
Hogan's HeroesJerry FieldingT.V.21-Aug-05, 20-Jul-03
Holiday for TrombonesDavid RoseC. Paul HerfurthSolo & band14-Mar-10
Holiday RiffJames D. PloyharSwing
Home Coming MarchJ.J. RichardsMarch
Honey Boys on ParadeE.V. CuperoMarch17-Jul-11
Honor and GloryMarchHenry FillmoreMarch20-Jul-08, 16-Jul-06
Hooked On T.V. RerunsmultiJack BullockT.V.21-Sep-08, 15-Jun-03
Hooray for HollywoodmultiWarren BarkerMovies25-Oct-09, 20-Oct-02
Hospitality MarchArthur Wellesley HughesMarch
Hosts of FreedomKarl L. KingJohn P. PaynterMarch19-Sep-10, 19-Aug-07, + many
Hot Time in the Brasses TonightHarold L. WaltersSelections20-Apr-08
Hot TromboneHe’s Jes a Fren’ of Shoutin’ LizaHenry FillmoreMarch22-Apr-01
How Deep is Your Love(from "Saturday Night Fever")Barry, Robin, & Morris GibbJerry NowakMovies19-Aug-07
Howard MarchWill HuffMarch
Humoresque on SwaneeGeorge GershwinSousa / BrionSelections18-Apr-04
Hutchinson Field MarchJ.J. RichardsMarch
HydrophobiaA Trombone SmearG. E. HolmesMarch19-Aug-07, 18-May-03
I Dreamed A DreamClaude Michel SchonbergMichael BrownSolo & band14-Mar-10
I Got Plenty O’ Nuttin(from "Porgy & Bess")George GershwinDouglas E. WagnerSolo & band20-Mar-11
I’d Like to Teach The World to Singin Perfect HarmonyB. Backer, B. Davis, R. Cook and R. GreenwayPop
I’ve Made My Plans for the SummerWaltzJohn Philip SousaKeith Brion & Loras SchisselSolo & band
Idaho MarchC.L. BarnhouseMarch
Idle Fancy SerenandeHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch17-Jun-07
IgnitionTodd StalterSelections
I'm Always Chasing RainbowsJoseph McCarthy & Harry CarrollFrank EricksonPop21-May-06, 21-Jul-02, + 2 more
Imperial EdwardMarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
ImprovementMarchHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
In A Gentle Rain(from "The Willson Suite")Robert W. SmithSolo & band16-Mar-08, 22-Oct-06
In Command MarchLouis PanellaMarch
In Fretta GalopJ.J. RichardsMarch
In the Hall Of The Mountain KingEdvard GriegLloyd ConleySelections2-Nov-14, 24-Oct-10
In the Land of the MissionsS.J. MustolOverture
In the MoodJoe GarlandPaul LavenderSwing15-Jun-14, 16-Jul-06, + 2 more
InchonRobert W. SmithSelections4-Jul-13
Independentia MarchR.B. HallMarch
Indian BoyMarch and Fox TrotHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
Inglesina(The Little English Girl)Davide Delle CeseJohn R. BourgeoisSelections21-Sep-14
Instant ConcertmultiHarold L. WaltersSelections8-Sep-10, 19-Jul-09, + many
Intermezzo(from "Cavalleria Rusticana")Pietro MacagniM. BartolucciSelections7-Sep-14
International VaudevilleRussell AlexanderMarch18-Apr-04
Introduction, March & Shepherd's Dance(from "Amahl and the Night Visitors")Gian Carlo MenottiFrank EricksonSelections
InvercargillMarchAlex F. LithgowL.P. LaurendeauMarch16-May-10
InvocationPhilip GordonSelections
Irish Songs for Solo and BandtraditionalRobert W. SmithPop23-Oct-11
IronboundMarch and Two-stepJ.C. HeedMarch
Ironclad MarchWill HuffMarch21-Jun-09
Irving Berlin: The Early YearsIrving BerlinWarren BarkerPop8-Sep-10, 15-Aug-10, + 2 more
It Don't Mean a ThingDuke EllingtonJohn MossSwing10-Mar-13, 17-Apr-05, 20-Aug-00
Italian FestivalGlen OsserSelections21-Jun-98
It's GospelJames D. PloyharPop20-Jul-08
Ja, vi elsker dette landet(Norwegian National Anthem)R. NordraakBjorn MillembergPatriotic4-Jul-02
Jack TarMarchJohn Philip SousaMarch15-Apr-07
Jackie's TuneChuck SwisherSelections19-Aug-12, 21-Sep-03
James Bond SuiteFrank EricksonMovies16-Aug-09
Janet WaltzHenry FillmoreHarold BennettWaltz20-Aug-06, 12-Aug-06
JeanieStephen FosterJohn KenyonSelections
Jersey BoysHighlights frommultiMichael BrownBroadway28-Oct-12, 16-Sep-07
John WilliamsSoundtrack highlightsJohn WilliamsJay BocookMovies21-Mar-04
John Williams In ConcertJohn WilliamsPaul LavenderMovies18-Mar-07, 10-Sep-03, + 2 more
John Williams: Evening at PopsJohn WilliamsJohn HigginsPop
Jubilee MarchEdwin Franko GoldmanMarch20-May-07
Just A Closer Walk With TheeDon GillisCalvin CusterPop23-Mar-14, 8-Sep-10, + many
Kameraden auf See! MarchRobert Kusseldes KompMarch
Kansas City-Florida Special MarchJ.J. RichardsMarch
Kansas WildcatsMarchJohn Philip SousaMarch19-Sep-04
Kartoon KaleidoscopemultiPaul LavenderT.V.18-Jun-06, 26-Oct-13, 20-Aug-00
Keeping in Step with the UnionJohn Philip SousaMarch15-Aug-10
KennebecMarchR.B. HallMarch
KhovantschinaModest MussorgskyAlbert Oliver DavisOverture
Kiefer's SpecialMarchW.H. KeiferMarch20-Sep-98
Kineo MarchR.B. HallMarch
King Cotton MarchJohn Philip SousaKeith Brion & Loras SchisselMarch20-Mar-11, 21-Jun-09, + many
King Karl KingMarchHenry FillmoreMarch18-May-14, 21-Aug-05
King Midas OvertureTed MesangOverture20-Jun-00
King of the Night OvertureGeorge D. BarnardOverture
King’s Crest OvertureLennie NiehausOverture20-May-12
Kiss Me KateSelections fromCole PorterJohn MossBroadway18-Jul-10, 21-Aug-05
Knight TemplarMarchE.E. BagleyMarch15-May-11, 18-Jun-06
Knighthood MarchHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
KokomoBeach BoysMike Love, Terry Melcher, John Philips, Scott McKenzieJerry NowakPop15-Jun-08
KomppaniaH. VirkkiMarch20-May-01
Kronprins Olav's HonnormarsjOscar BorgMarch16-May-04, 4-Jul-02
KunihildCyrill KistlerRobert M.BarrSelections
L.B.B. MarchLewiston Brigade BandR.B. HallMarch
La Flor de SevilleMarchJohn Philip SousaMarch20-Apr-08
La RaspaMexican BounceNacho GarciaHoracio DiazSelections
La Reine MarchRussell AlexanderMarch
La TarentuleFrederic ManvukianMarch
La Virgin de la MacarenatraditionalCalvin CusterSolo & band28-Oct-12
Lassus TromboneHenry FillmoreMarch15-May-11, 16-Mar-08, + 3 more
Latin and LaceJohn F. EdmundsSelections
Laurel MarchHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
Leroy Anderson PortraitLeroy AndersonJames BarnesPop
Les MiserablesSelections fromClaude-Michel SchonbergWarren BarkerBroadway28-Oct-12, 26-Oct-08
Let Freedom RingMarchEdwin Franko GoldmanMarch18-Mar-07
Liberty Forever! MarchHarold Josiah CrosbyMarch16-Jul-06
Liberty Loan MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
Life and LibertyMilitary MarchWill HuffMarch
Light Cavalry OvertureFranz von SuppeHenry FillmoreOverture15-Jun-14, 19-Jun-11, + 3 more
Light of FootQuick MarachRobert J. GrantJ. HartmanMarch15-Mar-07
Light Rock for FlutesEric OsterlingSolo & band
Lightly with LisztFranz Joseph Liszt & Alice HawthorneTr. by William C. SchoenfeldPop
Little Arab(Fox Trot)Henry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
Little Gussie, Song and DanceR.B. HallMarch
Little Marie WaltzHenry FillmoreHarold BennettWaltz18-Sep-05
Little Rastus(Characteristic)Henry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
London Portrait(from "Atlantic Crossing")Ferde GrofePaul YoderSelections
Londonderry AirtraditionalArt DedroclSolo & band15-Apr-07
Londonderry AirtraditionalSammy NesticoSelections
Looking Upward SuiteJohn Philip SousaEd. John R BourgeoisSelections
Lord BaltimoreMarchHenry FillmoreMarch20-Sep-09
Lord of the DanceRonan HardimanJohnnie VinsonPop21-Aug-11
Love of Country March or Two StepJ.J. RichardsMarch
Love’s Old Sweet SongJames L. MolloyAndrew GloverSolo & band16-Mar-08
Love's Way WaltzKarl L. KingWaltz15-Jun-08, 15-Jul-01, + 2 more
Lucky TromboneSmearHenry FillmoreMarch17-Aug-08
LuftwaffeRon GoodwinDesmond WalkerMarch
Lyric MarchRodney BashfordMarch
LystreffAge HermansenMarch
M.H.A.MarchMelvin H. AndrewsR.B. HallMarch
M.W. of A. MarchModern Woodman of AmericaJ.H. GillMarch
Magna ChartaJohn Philip SousaMarch
Magneta OvertureWill HuffMarch
MajestiaJames SwearingenSelections
Major Scales and ArpeggiosRoger KuglerWarm-Up
Major Scales and ArpeggiosWarm-Up
MalaguenaErnesto LecuonaSammy NesticoSelections20-Mar-11
Mamma Mia!Highlights fromBenny Anderson, Stig Anderson, & Bjorn UlvaeusRoy PhillipeBroadway20-Mar-11
Mancini MagicHenry ManciniJerry BrubakerMovies23-Oct-11, 21-Mar-04, + 2 more
Manhattan BeachJohn Philip SousaPaul YoderMarch18-Sep-11, 19-Sep-10, + many
March "Dallas"R.B. HallMarch
March "Lodoeska"R.B. HallMarch
March "RLIB"Richmond Light Infantry Blues BandR.B. HallMarch
March “Appleton”R.B. HallMarch
March “Bangor”R.B. HallMarch
March “Canton Halifax”R.B. HallMarch25-Oct-09
March “Chandler’s”R.B. HallMarch
March “Chilcothian”R.B. HallMarch20-May-01
March “De Molay Commandery”R.B. HallMarch
March “Meditation”R.B. HallLoren D. GeigerMarch17-Sep-06. 15-Aug-99
March “The Ensign”R.B. HallMarch
March “The Richmond Bee”R.B. HallMarch19-Jun-05, 21-Mar-04, 21-Jun-98
March “The Sentinel”R.B. HallMarch
March “To The Frontier”J.J. RichardsMarch
March and ChoraleJerry NowakSelections
March Ben BoltJohn Philip SousaMarch
March CWMAVONJ.J. RichardsMarch
March EndeavorWill HuffMarch
March for Ben and BobKarl BachMarch
March from "Camelot"Alan LernerRobert Russell BennettBroadway17-Aug-08, 20-Oct-02
March In UniformHenry FillmoreMarch
March MajesticWill HuffMarch
March MauveFrank Wine-GarMarch
March of the Blue BrigadeHenry FillmoreWill HuffMarch
March of the MightyHenry FillmoreAl HayesMarch
March of the Mitten Men(Power and Glory)John Philip SousaMarch20-Jun-10, 17-Jun-07
March of the Royal TrumpetsJohn Philip SousaMarch
March of the Slide TrombonesRaymond ScottPhillip J. LangMarch18-Jul-10, 19-Jul-98
March of Time(1886-1936, A Musical Panorama of 50 years)J.J. RichardsMarch18-Mar-07
March of Time No. 2(1886-1941, A Musical Panorama of 55 years)J.J. RichardsMarch18-Mar-07
March OkolonaJ.J. RichardsMarch
March OlevineH.A. VandercookMarch
March PetoskeyJ.H. GillMarch17-Jun-07
March PhilanthropicJ.J. RichardsMarch
March ScreamerWill HuffMarch
March SlavPeter Ilyich TchaikovskyLarry DaehnSelections15-May-11
March StandardWill HuffMarch
March To MeccaFred JewellMarch
March Troupers TriumphalWill HuffMarch
March VictorWill HuffMarch18-Jul-04
Marche des Parachutistes Belgese(March of the Belgium Paratroopers)Pierre LeemansCharles. A. WileyMarch7-Sep-14, 17-Aug-14, + many
Marche FunebreR.B. HallMarch
Marches Blue and GreyFloyd E. WerleMarch
Marches of the Armed ForcesmultiMichael SweeneyPatriotic
Marching Down BroadwaymultiJohn MossBroadway21-Oct-07
Marching Through GeorgiaJohn Philip SousaMarch19-Aug-12
Margaret WaltzWill HuffWaltz
Marquette MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
Mars der MediciJon WichersMarch
Martin's Boast MarchWalter Paul EnglishMarch
Marvelous MarvinJohn KleinSelections
Mary Poppins(Selections from)Richard M. Sherman & Robert B. ShermanTed RickettsMovies17-Aug-14, 11-Mar-12, + 3 more
Masterbuilt OvertureHarry L. AlfordOverture
Maxi MarchFrank PiersolMarch
Maybell WaltzHenry FillmoreHarold BennettWaltz17-Jul-05
Mazurka MilitaireLeroy OstranskySelections
MazziniMazurka or Three-stepWill HuffMarch
Melody in FA. RubinsteinR.E. HildrethSelections
Memphis the MajesticMarchRussell AlexanderMarch20-Jun-99
Men of Ohio, MarchHenry FillmoreLoras John SchisselMarch18-Jul-04, 24-Mar-02
Men of ValorJohn N. KlohrMarch
MeropeWayne Oldham & Jack HaleSelections
Merry Christmas Everyone!traditionalSteve ReinekeHoliday8-Dec-13
Mexican Folk Song FantasyJoseph CompelloPop19-Aug-12
Miami MarchHenry FillmoreMarch
Michael Jackson, Through the YearsmultiMichael BrownPop18-Aug-13
Midnight in ParisCon Conrad & Herb MagidsonDavid BennettMarch
Midway MarchJohn WilliamsJohn MossMarch16-Sep-12, 8-Sep-10, + many
Midwest MarchJ.J. RichardsMarch
Mikado MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch17-Aug-14
Military EscortMarchHenry FillmoreHarold BennettFrederick FennellMarch19-Sep-10, 16-Sep-07, + many
Military SymphonyJoseph HaydnTheo. Moses-TobaniSymphony
Miss Trombone(A Slippery Rag)Henry FillmoreRag7-Sep-14, 17-Aug-14, + 2 more
Missouri RagW.C. PowellRag18-Sep-05, 20-Jul-03
Mister JoeMarch One-Step and Two-StepHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
Molly On The ShoreIrish Reel set for Military BandPercy Aldridge GraingerEdited by R. Mark RogersSelections
Monahan PostMarchKarl L. KingMarch18-Jun-06, 10-Sep-03, + many
Monogram MarchWill HuffMarch
MoonbeamsSerenadeWill HuffMarch
More FraternityMarchHenry FillmoreMarch
Morning, Noon and Night(in Vienna)Franz von SuppeHenry FillmoreOverture
Morro Bay Overture for BandLennie NiehausOverture19-Sep004, 20-Apr-03, + 3 more
MosaicW. Francis McBethSelections
Mother GooseMarch on Nursery RhymesJohn Philip SousaMarch11-Mar-12
Mother HubbardMarchJohn Philip SousaMarch11-Mar-12
Mountain King SwingEdvard GriegJohn TatenhorstSwing18-Mar-07
Music For A Darkened Theatre(Film Scores of Danny Elfman)Danny ElfmanMichael BrownMovies2-Nov-14, 24-Oct-10
Mutual MarchHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
My Fair LadySelections fromRichard RodgersJohn MossBroadway21-Aug-11, 16-Jul-06, + many
My Gal Sal(They Called Her Frivolous Sal)Paul DresserEverett J. EvansWaltz24-Oct-04
My MarylandW.S. MygrantPaul YoderMarch
Myra MazurkaJ.H. GillMarch
Nadia, Spanish SerenadeJ.J. RichardsMarch
Name That Tuning TendencyHandouts
National EmblemMarchE.E. BagleyMarch4-Jul-14, 4-Jul-03, + many
National Fencibles MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch6-Jul-12, 20-May-12
Naval Reserve MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
Navy Bugler's Band CallKarl BachMarch15-Sep-13, 16-Sep-01
Necoid MarchHenry FillmoreAl HayesMarch
Neel's Fashion PlateWalter Paul EnglishMarch20-Aug-00
Neil DiamondPop & Rock LegendsTed RickettsPop17-Jun-12, 22-Mar-09
New MexicoMarchJohn Philip SousaFrederick FennellMarch17-Sep-06
New York HippodromeJohn Philip SousaFrank ByrneMarch18-Apr-04, 18-May-03
New York, New YorkTheme fromJohn KanderLarry KerchnerBroadway20-Oct-02, 19-Jul-98
Night On Bald MountainModest MussorgskyMark WilliamsSelections24-Oct-10
Night StarRon ThielmanMarch15-Aug-99
NimrodEdward ElgarAlfred ReedSelections23-Mar-14
Noble MenMarchHenry FillmoreMarch15-May-11
Nobles of the Mystic ShrineMarchJohn Philip SousaMarch20-May-12, 18-Jul-04
Norembega MarchR.B. HallMarch
Norma’s Dream WaltzHenry FillmoreHarold BennettWaltz
Normal MarchHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
Norsk TurnermarsjOscar BorgAge HermansenMarch
North Easton MarchR.B. HallMarch
North South College All-StarsField MarchHenry FillmoreMarch
Northwest OvertureJay ChattawayTr. by Don FleischnerOverture
NotturnoFrank EricksonSelections
OctoberEric WhitacreSelections20-Oct-13
Ode to TrumpetAlfred ReedSolo & band15-Sep-02, 11-Sep-02
Officer of the Day MarchR.B. HallMarch16-Jul-06, 18-Apr-04
Oklahoma!Richard RodgersRobert Russell Bennett & Mark RogersBroadway15-May-11, 20-Mar-05
Ol’ Blue EyesMultipleJerry BrubakerPop17-May-09, 19-Mar-07, + 2 more
Old ComradesC. TeikeL.P. Laurendeau & Mayhew L. LakeMarch16-Sep-07,18-May-03,16-Aug-98
Old Favorites Folio Vol. IIE. DeLamaterPop
Old Glory Triumphant MarchC.E. DubleMarch17-Sep-06, 17-Apr-05, 20-Jun-04
Old Guard MarchR.B. HallMarch17-May-09
Old Timers WaltzMayhew L. LakeWaltz
Ole Eph's VisionL.O. SmithMarch16-Sep-01
Olimpica, Marcia Sinfonica(Harmonie-Fanfare)Giovanni OrsomandaMarch
OliverHighlights fromLionell BartTed RickettsBroadway17-Apr-05, 15-Jun-05, 20-May-07
OlivettC.E. DubleMarch
Olympia Hippodrome MarchRussell AlexanderMarch17-Jun-07, 20-May-07
Olympic Fanfare and ThemeJohn WilliamsJames CurnowSelections18-May-14, 19-Aug-12, + 2 more
Olympic GrandeurChuck SwisherMarch
On a Clear DayAlan Jay Lerner & Burton LaneJerry BrubakerMovies15-Jun-08, 21-Oct-07
On Eagle’s WingsRobert W. SmithSelections15-Sep-13
On Florida ShoresMarchC.E. DubleMarch
On ParadeJohn Philip SousaMarch
On Stage with Cole PorterCole PorterJohn WarringtonBroadway20-Sep-09, 18-May-03
On The Alert MarchJ.C. HeedMarch
On the Campus MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
On The MallMarchEdwin Franko GoldmanMarch4-Jul-14, 20-Jul-08, + many
On the TrailFerde GrofeEric LeidzenSelections
On the Tramp MarchJohn Philip SousaHarold R. GoreMarch
On Wings of LighteningGalopJohn Philip SousaMarch
Orange BowlField MarchHenry FillmoreMarch
Orpheus OvertureJacques OffenbachMayhew L. Lake & H.R. KentOverture
Our CongressMarchC.E. DubleMarch
Our DirectorF.E. BigelowR.E. HildrethMarch8-Sep-10, 20-Jun-10, + many
Our Favorite RagMarch and Two-StepWill HuffMarch
Our Favorite RegimentMarchDominik ErthL.P. LaurendeauMarch16-Aug-09
Our FlirtationsMarchJohn Philip SousaJ.R. WatsonMarch18-Jul-99, 16-Aug-98
Our Own Red, White, and BlueHenry FillmoreMarch
Our Touchdown SongHarry BiernachiMarch
Over The Top MarchHarold Josiah CrosbyMarch17-Aug-08, 16-Apr-06
Overture and MarchWilliam Boyce, Dr.Jonathan Elkus & Alfred ReedOverture
Overture Catharina CornaroFranz LachnerT.H. RollinsonOverture
Overture ConcertanteJohn CacavasOverture
Overture for a Sunday AfternoonPaul InagleOverture
Overture HeroicRalph HermannOverture17-May-98
Overture JubilosoFrank EricksonOverture17-Jun-12
Overture to CandideLeonard BernsteinWalter BeckerBroadway14-Mar-10
Ozark Trails MarchJ.J. RichardsMarch
Pahson (Parsons) Trombone(Lassus Trombone's ol' man)Henry FillmoreMarch
Palatinus March(Two-Step)R.B. HallMarch
Pall Mall Famous MarchRussell AlexanderMarch21-Mar-04, 20-Jul-03, + 2 more
Palm Garden RagFred K.HufferRag16-Apr-06, 17-Jun-01
Pan AmericanSpanish MarchKarl L. KingMarch21-Aug-05
Pantomine(from "The Nutcracker")Peter Ilyich TchaikovskyLarry ClarkHoliday8-Dec-13
Paramour of Panama MarchRussell AlexanderLoren D. GeigerMarch
Paramour of Panama MarchRussell AlexanderMarch
Patriots of the Potomac MarchRussell AlexanderMarch12-Aug-06
PattonTheme fromJerry GoldsmithRalph FordMovies15-May-11, 21-Oct-07
Peace Through VictoryMarchHarold Josiah CrosbyMarch
Peaches and Cream Fox-TrotJohn Philip SousaMarch
Pennsylvania 6-5000Glenn MillerDoug AdamsSwing
Pennywhistle JigHenry ManciniJohn MossSolo & band8-Sep-10, 16-May-10, + 3 more
Pentland HillsJames H. HoweMarch
People Who Live In Glass Houses(Suite)John Philip SousaEd. John R. BoorgeoisSelections
Persis OvertureJames L. HosayOverture
PersuasionSammy NesticoSolo & band16-Mar-08
Pet of the Petticoats MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
Pevensey CastleRobert SheldonSelections11-Mar-11
Phantom of the OperaSelections fromAndrew Lloyd WebberWarren BarkerBroadway18-Aug-13, 24-Oct-10, + 3 more
Philo Senate MarchR.B. HallMarch18-Sep-11
Pie in the Face PolkaHenry ManciniJohnnie VinsonSolo & band28-Oct-12
Pigeon Wing RagChas. L. JohnsonRag17-Sep-00
Pilgrim’s Chorus(from "I Lombardi")Giuseppe VerdiAntonio E. CafarellaSelections
Pine Tree State MarchR.B. HallMarch
Pineapple PollArthur SillivanChas. MacKerrasSelections
Pirates of the CaribbeanKlaus BadeltJohn WassonMovies19-Aug-12, 24-Oct-10
Pivot ManMarchHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
Pixar Movie MagicmultiMichael BrownMovies20-Oct-13
PlayfellowHenry FillmoreMarch
Poet and Peasant OvertureFranz von SuppeHenry FillmoreOverture17-Aug-08
Poet, Peasant and Light Cavalrymen, MarchHenry FillmoreMarch
Polish RhapsodyWalter EigerSelections
Polly OliverThomas R. RootSelections15-Aug-99
Pop Classics(Hal Leonard book)multiLeonard HallPop
Porgy and BessSelections fromGeorge GershwinRobert Russell BennettBroadway23-Mar-14
Port Townsend MarchKarl BachMarch
Portland '84 MarchKarl BachMarch
Possum GravyHarry L. WilliamsCarl CarltonMarch
Power MarchHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
Powhatan's Daughter, MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
Prairie DancesDavid R. HolsingerSelections21-Sep-14
Prairie SpringsChuck SwisherMarch15-Jul-01, 18-Jun-00
Precision MarchHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
Prelude(from "L’Arlesienne Suite")Georges BizetG.E. HolmesSolo & band20-Sep-09
Prelude on “Brother James’s Air”Searle WrightWilliam T. YoungSelections
President Garfield's Funeral MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
Pride of MissouriMarchJ.J. RichardsMarch
Prince CharmingMarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
Prince ImperialC.E. DubleMarch19-Jul-09
Prince Imperial MarchChas. SanglearMarch17-Jun-01
Procession of the NoblesN. Rimsky-KorsakovJay BocookSelections15-Jul-12, 4-Jul-12, + 3 more
Proclar MarchHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
Progress MarchHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
Project MarchHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
Puerto Alegre(Port of Fun)W. Francis McBethSelections
Pushing OnMarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
Put and TakeNoveltyHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
Quaboag MarchR.B. HallMarch
Quartet Repertoire for Cornet or Trumpet(Rubank)multiSolo & band
Quartet Repertoire for Trombone(Rubank)multiSolo & band
Queen in ConcertJay BocookPop17-May-09
Queen of the Fleet MarchHarold Josiah CrosbyMarch15-Apr-07
Quilting Party MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
Radetzky MarchJohann StraussT.L. SharpeMarch25-Oct-09, 22-Oct-06, + many
Radetzky MarchJohann StraussPeter WilliamsMarch
Radio WavesFred JewellMarch20-Mar-11
Ragamuffin RagWill HuffRag
Ragged RozeyKarl L. KingJohn BoydRag21-May-06,15-May-05,17-Sep-00
Ragtime HighlightsmultiAndrew BalentRag16-May-10
Ragtime OvertureIrwin Levine & L. Russell BrownPaul YoderRag20-Aug-00
Raiders MarchJohn WilliamsPaul LavenderMovies15-Jun-08
Rainbow Pier MarchJ.J. RichardsMarch
Raizen-ElMarch ComiqueCarl CarltonMarch15-Sep-02
Rameses MarchJ.J. RichardsMarch
Randolph MarchR.B. HallMarch
Razorback ReelAllan DavisSelections
RecognitionMarchJohn Philip SousaGay CorrieMarch
Red Rose RagPercy WenrichJ. Bodewalt LampeRag10-Sep-03, 20-Apr-03, 18-Jul-99
Red, White & BrassJohn MossPatriotic
Red’s White and Blue MarchRed SkeltonDon FerrisMarch19-Sep-10, 4-Jul-07, 20-May-07
Repasz Band MarchHarry J. LincolnPaul YoderMarch15-May-05, 21-Jun-98
Review MarchJohn Philip SousaGay CorrieMarch
Revival MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
Rhythm of the WindsFrank EricksonSelections
Riders for the FlagMarchJohn Philip SousaMarch17-May-09, 18-Aug-02, + 2 more
Right Forward MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
Right-Left MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
Rim ShotDonald YoungSolo & band
Ringling’s Grand Entree MarchC.E. DubleMarch (incomplete)
Riqui, Riqui, Riquirran(Sugar Cane)Frank EricksonSelections
Riston MarssiOtto JotakaisenStefan PuchalskiSelections
Ritual for BandDonald JohnstonSelections
Rival Rovers MarchRussell AlexanderMarch4-Jul-03, 18-May-03
River City MarchFrank PiersolMarch16-Jul-00, 20-Sep-98
Rob't Stickney's 6-Horse GalopGeorge SouthwellMarch
Rock, Rhythm and BluesmultiJack BullockPop19-Jun-11
Rolling ThunderMarchHenry FillmoreMarch28-Oct-12, 17-Jul-11, + 2 more
Romance ‘n Rhythm(quickstep)multiCharles HathawayPop
Rondo for Solo and Wind BandW.A. MozartAndy ClarkSolo & band20-Apr-08, 21-May-06
Rosamunde OvertureFranz SchubertR.A. BartholomewOverture18-Apr-99
Rose Ballet DanceGalopParis W ChambersMarch
Roses of Memory WaltzFred JewellWaltz20-Mar-05,16-May-99,19-Apr-98
RositaHarald HangBjorn MillembergSelections
Round-upRussell AlexanderMarch
Royal Fireworks MusicGeorge Frederick HandelFrank EricksonSelections16-Sep-12
Royal Hussars MarchKarl L. KingMarch18-Mar-07
Royal LancerClaude T. SmithMarch16-Jun-02
Royal ProcessionJohn O'ReillySelections
Rubber Plant RagGeorge L. CobbRag20-Sep-09,18-May-08,15-Jun-03
Russian Christmas Musicfor Symphonic BandtraditionalAlfred ReedHoliday
Rustic DanceBedrich SmetanaPhilip GordonSelections
Rustles of SpringChristian SindingRobert NormanSelections
S' WonderfulGeorge GershwinWarren BarkerSolo & band20-Jun-04
S.I.B.A. March(Southern Illinois Band Association)R.B. HallMarch21-Jun-98
Sabo MarchHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
Sabre and SpursJohn Philip SousaKeith BrionMarch8-Sep-10, 15-Aug-10, + many
Safety MarchHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
Sailing SongsElliot del BorgoSelections18-Sep-05
Saint Louis Blues MarchW.C. HandyHarold R. GoreSwing19-Aug-12, 20-May-07, + 2 more
Sally TromboneHenry FillmoreMarch
SalutationMarchRoland SeitzMarch17-May-98
Salute To Bob HopemultiWarren BarkerPop19-Jul-09
Salute To DalbeyC.E. DubleMarch
Salute to Seattle MarchRussell AlexanderMarch18-Sep-05
Salute to Sterling MarchJ.J. RichardsMarch
Salute to TelevisionmultiCarl StrommenT.V.20-May-12
Salute to the Stars and Stripes MarchWill HuffMarch
Salute to Uncle SamWill HuffMarch
Salute to Uncle SamJ.J. RichardsLoren D. GeigerMarch
Salute To WilliamsportC.E. DubleMarch
Salute To Working MenJ.G. KloecknerJosef Franz WagnerMarch
Samba for FlutesEric OsterlingSolo & band
San Lorenzo MarchC.A. SilvaMarch20-Jun-99
Sandpaper BalletLeroy AndersonPop18-May-08
Satchmo!A Tribute to Louis ArmstrongLouis ArmstrongTed RickettsPop21-Sep-14, 21-Jun-09, + 2 more
Saterjentens SontagOle BullGlenn BainumSolo & band
Sawdust and Spangles MarchJ.J. RichardsMarch
Sax SerenadeIra P. SchwarzSolo & band22-Mar-09
Sax SoliloquyDavid BennettSolo & band15-Jul-07
Schindler's ListTheme fromJohn WilliamsJames CurnowMovies29-May-13
Schindler's ListJohn WilliamsCalvin CusterSolo & band19-May-13, 14-Mar-10, + 2 more
Sea Chantey VoyageKarl BachSelections
Sea SongsRalph Vaughan WilliamsSelections15-Jun-14, 15-Jul-07, 16-May-04
Seagate OvertureJames SwearingenOverture18-Aug-13, 17-May-09
Second Street OvertureFred KepnerOverture
Sells-Floto Triumphal MarchKarl L. KingMarch18-Apr-04, 16-Sep-01
Semper FidelisMarchJohn Philip SousaMarch15-Jul-12, 4-Jul-12, + many
Senor Cadera (Mister Hip)Len OrcinoSelections20-May-12
Sequim Centennial MarchKarl BachMarch7-Sep-14, 15-Sep-13, 19-May-13
Sequim Gazette MarchChuck SwisherMarch17-Aug-03, 24-Mar-02
Serenade for a Picket FenceNorman LeydenSolo & band20-Mar-11
Service MarchHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
Sesquicentennial Exposition MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
ShenandoahJames CurnowSelections18-Apr-99
ShenandoahFrank TicheliSelections10-Mar-13
Shield of LibertyJ.J. RichardsMarch
Shoot the Chutes GalopRussell AlexanderMarch
Shoutin' Liza TromboneHenry FillmoreJohan De MeijMarch16-Sep-07, 19-Apr-98
Show BoatJerome KernRobert Russell BennettBroadway19-Sep-10,18-Mar-07,17-May-98
Shrine of LibertyFred JewellMarch21-Jul-02, 20-Jun-99, 19-Jul-98
Silver Trumpets MarchFrank Hoyt LoseyMarch
Sinfonietta FlamencaCarlos SurinachSymphony
Sing for America(Sing-along)multiJames D. PloyharPatriotic4-Jul-11, 4-Jul-07, + 3 more
Sing, Sing, SingLouis PrimaRalph FordSwing
Sing-a-Long Songbook(words only) from July 4, 1995)traditionalPatriotic
Sir GalahadMarchKarl L. KingMarch20-May-12
SkyrideP. BrowneSelections
Slavonic Dance No. 8Antonin DvorakAndrew BalentSelections18-Sep-11
Sleepers, WakeJ.S. BachPhilip SparkeSelections8-Dec-13
Sleigh RideLeroy AndersonHoliday7-Dec-14, 26-Oct-08
Sliding Jim(Characteristic Reverie)Frank Hoyt LoseyMarch16-May-04
Slim TromboneHenry FillmoreMarch22-Oct-06, 15-Jul-01, 18-Jun-00
Smearin' Trombone No. 2J. B. FarsheeMarch
Smiling Eyes WaltzS. KooymanWaltz15-Aug-04,19-May02,20-Aug-00
Snapshots for BandRichard WernickSelections
Soaring With John WilliamsJohn WilliamsRobert W. SmithMovies18-Aug-13
Sola(Fox Trot)Henry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
Solid Men to the Front MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
Solo de ConcoursHenri RabandHarry GeeSolo & band23-Mar-14
Someone To Watch Over MeGeorge GershwinWarren BarkerSolo & band19-Mar-06, 19-Sep-04
Someone To Watch Over MeGeorge GershwinChuck SwisherSolo & band20-Apr-03, 21-Apr-02
Sonatina for BandFrank EricksonSelections21-Jun-98
Song of the SouthRussell AlexanderMarch
Sonnenaufgang! MarschHeinrich SteinbeckMarch
Sound OffJohn Philip SousaMarch
Sounds From The Harem(Oriental Novelty)C.E. DubleMarch
South Pacific(Symphonic Scenario)Richard RodgersRobert Russell BennettBroadway23-Oct-11
South PacificHighlights fromRichard RodgersPhilip J. LangBroadway25-Oct-09, 19-Aug-07, + 3 more
Spanish Waltz(La Circus)E.A. EmidyWaltz18-May-08
Spark Plug GalopArthur Wellesley HughesMarch
Speedway GalopJ.J. RichardsMarch
SportkameradenMarschHerbert KusterHartwig von PlatenMarch
Spring GardenRoland SeitzLoren D. GeigerMarch21-Jul-02, 4-Jul-02, 21-Apr-01
Square Deal MarchWill HuffMarch18-Sep-11
St. EdmundMarchHenry FillmoreMarch
Stadium EchoesJ.J. RichardsMarch
StalwartMarchJ.J. RichardsMarch18-Sep-05, 16-Jul-00
Star Spangled BannerFrancis Scott KeyDamrosch/HowardPatriotic
Star Spangled BannerFrancis Scott KeyDamrosch/SousaPatrioticEvery concert thru Sep-12
Star Spangled Banner(as performed by The United States Air Force Band & Singing Sergeants)Francis Scott KeyFloyd E. WerlePatrioticfrequently since Oct-12
Star TrekSymphonic Suite fromMichael Giacchino, Alexander Courge, & Gene RoddenberryJay BocookMovies20-Oct-13, 23-Oct-11
StardustHoagy CarmichaelWarren BarkerSolo & band21-Aug-11, 21-Sep-08, + many
Stars and Stripes for ChristmasJohn Philip Sousa & Robert E. FosterHoliday7-Dec-14
Steamboat StompMarcel SaurerSolo & band16-Sep-12
Steppin' Out with My BabyIrving BerlinLes TaylorSwing18-Sep-11, 20-May-07, + 2 more
Stevie Wonder(Pop & Rock Legends)Stevie WonderJohn WassonPop
Stilly NightWill HuffMarch
StopFox Trot NoveltyHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
Storming of El Caney MarchRussell AlexanderLoren D. GeigerMarch
Storming of El Caney MarchRussell AlexanderMarch
Stranger on the ShoreAcker BilkCalvin CusterSolo & band19-Aug-07, 5-Jul-06, 21-May-06
Success MarchHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
Suite No. 2 in F(for Military Band)Gustav HolstSelections16-Mar-03
Summit MarchHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
Suncoast(A rhapsody for band)Robert W. SmithSelections
Sunday Morning at Glion(from “By the Lake of Geneva”)Franz BendelF. Campbell-WatsonSelections
Sunny Sequim MarchChuck SwisherMarch18-Aug-13, 19-Aug-12, 16-Jun-02
Sunny Spokane MarchCharles PostMarch
Supreme TriumphFred JewellMarch19-May-02
SusannaNovelty MarchJ.J. RichardsMarch
Sweet SunsetJan de HaanSolo & band20-Mar-11
Swing TimemultiBill LaasSwing
Swing'n Mister MoonEric OsterlingSwing20-Sep-98
Swing's The ThingmultiWarren BarkerSwing19-May-13, 16-Jun-07, 17-Aug-03
Symphonic GershwinGeorge GershwinWarren BarkerPop20-Apr-08
Symphonic OvertureChas. CarterOverture15-Aug-10, 15=Aug-99
Symphony in B minor No. 8, 2nd movementFranz SchubertLucien CaillietSymphony
Symphony No. 5, FinaleExcerpts fromDmitri ShostakovichRobert LonfordSymphony17-Jun-12
Symphony No. 9 from "The New World" (Finale)Antonin DvorakLarry DaehnSymphony20-Mar-11
System MarchHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
Tailgate RambleZaneVan AukenSwing18-Apr-99, 16-Aug-98
Tailspin!Rob RomeynSelections19-Jun-11, 15-May-11
Taming and Harnessing an EarwormHandouts
Technicises for BandJim Probasco & Dan MeeksWarm-Up
Teddy TromboneHenry FillmoreMarch22-Mar-09
Ten Masterworks for Woodwind ChoirmultiWilliam PelzSolo: Woodwind Choir
Tenth Regiment MarchR.B. HallMarch21-Jul-02, 16-May-99
Thanks For The MemoryLeo Robin & Ralph RaingerTed RickettsPop15-Jul-07
That Old Hound Dog RagRandall D. StandridgeRag
The A TeamTheme fromMike Post & Pete CarpenterPaul MurthaT.V.
The American Belle MarchR.B. HallMarch17-Aug-08
The American Ranger MarchJ.J. RichardsMarch
The American Red Cross MarchLouis PanellaMarch15-Sep-02, 11-Sep-01
The Aristocrat MarchHarold Josiah CrosbyMarch21-Aug-11
The AssociationPop & Rock LegendsmultiTed RickettsPop16-Sep-12, 20-Jul-08
The AviatorsJohn Philip SousaMarch15-Jul-07
The Band Played OnMarchFrank D. CofieldMarch16-Jul-06
The BannerR.B. HallMarch
The Barnum MarchJ.J. RichardsMarch
The Battle of ShilohMarchC.L. BarnhouseMarch17-Aug-08, 19-Aug01
The Beau IdealJohn Philip SousaMarch19-Jun-05
The Belle of ChicagoJohn Philip SousaMarch17-Sep-06, 18-Jul-04
The Billboard MarchJohn N. KlohrMarch21-Aug-11
The Black Horse TroopJohn Philip SousaMarch
The Black Mask MarchHenry FillmoreAl HayesMarch21-Apr-02, 20-May-01
The Bride ElectJohn Philip SousaGus HeinecheMarch
The Buglers OvertureHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
The Cantonians MarchRussell AlexanderMarch
The Carnival QueenFred JewellMarch
The Cavalier MarchR.B. HallMarch16-Mar-08
The Chantyman's MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch22-Mar-09
The Charlaton MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
The Chebanese HeraldW.H. OverhueMarch
The Circumnavigators ClubJohn Philip SousaMarch19-Aug-07
The Circus Bee MarchHenry FillmoreMarch17-Jun-12, 18-Jun-00
The Circus KingC.E. DubleMarch15-Aug-10, 24-Mar-02
The Clock and the Dresden FiguresAlbert W. KetelbeySolo & band
The Clown Band BookMelrose Bros.Pop
The Comedy Club MarchRussell AlexanderMarch
The CommanderMarch and Two-StepR.B. HallMarch
The Conquest MarchRussell AlexanderMarch
The ContemptiblesLeo R. StanleyMarch
The Corcoran Cadets MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch6-Jul-12, 17-Jun-12
The CornhuskerA.F. WendlandMarch
The CowboysJohn WilliamsJames CurnowMovies
The Creole QueenR.B. HallMarch
The Crimson Flush MarchRussell AlexanderMarch20-Jun-04
The Crisis MarchR.B. HallMarch
The Crosley MarchHenry FillmoreMarch
The Crusader MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch16-May-10
The Crusaders OvertureForrest L. BuchtelOverture
The Cuckoo March HumoresqueHenry FillmoreMarch
The Darlington MarchRussell AlexanderMarch
The Dauntless Batalion MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch16-Aug-09
The Devil Went Down To GeorgiaCharlie Daniels, + multipleMichael BrownSolo & band26-Oct-08
The Devil's FootprintsWilliam PresserSelections
The Diplomat MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch16-Jul-06, 18-Sep-05
The Dipsy Doodle(Fox Trot)Larry ClintonGeo F. BriegelSwing20-Jun-10
The Directorate MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch15-Aug-07
The Emblem MarchWill HuffMarch15-Apr-07
The Exalted Ruler March(for BPO Elks)R.B. HallMarch
The Exposition Four MarchRussell AlexanderMarch
The Fairest of the FairJohn Philip SousaMarch23-Mar-14, 20-Jun-10, + many
The Federal MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
The Final FrontierBob LowdenSelections
The First RoseAndante and WaltzGeorge D. BarnardWaltz
The Floral ParadeWill HuffMarch
The Footlifter MarchHenry FillmoreMarch18-Jun-06
The Free Lance MarchJohn Philip SousaKeith BrionMarch18-Sep-05
The Gallant SeventhJohn Philip SousaFrederick FennellMarch18-Sep-05, 18-Jul-04
The Gandy DancerLen Orcino
The Gay American MarchC.E. DubleMarch
The Gladiator MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch18-Aug-13, 18-Jul-10
The Gladiators’ FarewellH.L. BlankenburgMarch
The Glassblowers MarchJohn Philip SousaLoren D. GeigerMarch17-May-09
The Glory of the Yankee NavyJohn Philip SousaMarch20-Oct-13
The Golden Star(Memorial March)John Philip SousaMarch
The Governor’s MarchLeroy AndersonMarch20-Apr-08
The Grand March(from "Tannhauser")Richard WagnerClark McAlister / ed. Alfred ReedMarch22-Mar-09
The Grand Marshal MarchRed SkeletonRon RoullierMarch16-Sep-12
The Great EscapeConcert MarchElmer BernsteinRobert W. SmithMovies16-Jun-13, 21-Oct-07, + 2 more
The Great Gate of KievModest MussorgskyDale EymannSelections21-Sep-03
The Great Little ArmyMarchKenneth J. AlfordMarch15-Jul-07, 21-May-00
The Great Plains MarchJ.J. RichardsMarch
The Great Race(March)Henry ManciniJohn MossMovies21-Oct-07
The Gridiron Club MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
The Hero's Return MarchHarold Josiah CrosbyMarch
The High School CadetsMarchJohn Philip SousaMarch19-Sep-10, 10-Sep-03, + many
The HippodromeWill HuffMarch
The Home Front(Musical memoirs from WWII)multiJames ChristensenPatriotic20-Jul-08, 4-Jul-08, + many
The Honored Dead(Funeral March)John Philip SousaMarch
The Hungry Five WisecracksHarry L. AlfordSolo & band
The Huntress MarchKarl L. KingMarch20-Jul-08
The Imperial Life Guards MarchR.B. HallMarch
The Invincible EagleMarchJohn Philip SousaKeith Brion & Loras SchisselMarch20-Mar-11, 19-Jun-05
The Irish WasherwomanLeroy AndersonSelections22-Oct-06, 16-Mar-03, 20-Jun-99
The January February MarchDon GillisMarch
The Kadiddlehopper MarchRed SkeltonRon RoullierMarch
The King and IHighlights fromRichard RodgersC. Paul HerfurthBroadway15-Jun-14, 18-May-14, + many
The KlaxonMarchHenry FillmoreMarch10-Mar-13, 22-Oct-06, + many
The Lamb’s MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
The Last Rose of Summer(from "Irish Suite")Leroy AndersonDouglas E. WagnerPop18-Sep-11
The Lavender RagChuck SwisherRag16-Jul-06, 17-Jul-05
The Legend Of ZorroJames HornerMichael BrownMovies25-Oct-09
The Legionaires MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
The Liberty BellMarchJohn Philip SousaMarch4-Jul-13, 15-Jul-12, + 2 more
The Lincoln MarchWill HuffMarch
The Lion King(Soundtract Highlights)Elton JohnCalvin CusterMovies26-Oct-08
The Little Grey Church SerenadeHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
The Little MermaidAlan MenkenJay BocookMovies21-Oct-07, 26-Oct-03
The Long Run GalopA.J. WeidtR.E. HildrethMarch18-Jun-00
The Lord of the DanceRonan HardimanJohnnie VinsonPop21-Aug-11
The Loyal Legion MarchJohn Philip SousaR.D. BeckerMarch
The Magic of Andrew Lloyd WebberAndrew Lloyd WebberWarren BarkerBroadway19-Mar-06
The Magnificent SevenElmer BernsteinRoy PhillipeMovies16-Jun-13, 20-Jul-08
The Maine Festival MarchR.B. HallMarch
The Man Among MenMarchHenry FillmoreMarch
The Man Behind the GunMarchJohn Philip SousaMarch19-Sep-14
The Man of the HourHenry FillmoreMarch
The March from "1941"John WilliamsPaul LavenderMarch23-Mar-14, 26-Oct-08, + 2 more
The March of the BluesIrving BiboJohn Philip SousaMarch
The MarvelMarchHenry FillmoreMarch21-Jun-09
The Mascot MarchWill HuffMarch
The Matinee MarchWill HuffMarch
The Melody ShopKarl L. KingAndrew GloverMarch20-Aug-06, 12-Aug-06, + 2 more
The Meteor GalopJ.J. RichardsMarch15-Apr-07
The Minnesota MarchJohn Philip SousaFrederick FennellMarch
The Music ManSelections fromMeredith WillsonPhilip J. LangBroadway15-Jul-12, 4-Jul-12, + many
The Mystic Call MarchKarl L. KingMarch
The National GameJohn Philip SousaMarch
The National Press ClubMarchHenry FillmoreMarch
The New Colonial MarchR.B. HallMarch
The New Freedom MarchJ.J. RichardsMarch
The New Madison Square Garden MarchKarl L. KingMarch
The Northern PinesJohn Philip SousaMarch
The Occidental MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
The Old Grumbly BearJulius FucikAndrew GloverSolo & band11-Mar-12, 11-Feb-12, 16-Mar-08
The Outpost MarchJ.C. HeedMarch
The Pathfinder of PanamaJohn Philip SousaMarch15-Jun-14
The PatriotJohn WilliamsJohn MossMovies17-Aug-14, 26-Oct-08, + 3 more
The Peerless MarchWill HuffMarch
The Picadore MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
The Pink PantherHenry ManciniJay KrushSolo & band22-Mar-09
The Power of Rome and Christian HeartPercy Aldridge GraingerSelections
The Presidents MarchHenry FillmoreMarch
The Pride of the WolverinesMarchJohn Philip SousaMarch16-Jul-13
The Purple PageantMarchKarl L. KingJohn P. PaynterMarch18-Aug-02, 18-Jun-00, + 2 more
The Racer GalopE. MutchlerMarch15-Jun-03
The Rainbow DivisionMarchDanny NirellaMarch16-May-04
The Rakes of MallowLeroy AndersonPop22-Mar-09, 15-Jun-05, + many
The Red Hat TriptychKarl BachSelections
The Red HusserMarchRichard SchlepegrellLoren D. GeigerMarch20-Sep-09
The Red Men's MarchMarchR.B. HallMarch
The Regiment’s ReturnHarold Josiah CrosbyMarch18-Sep-11
The ResumptionMarchJohn Philip SousaLoren D. GeigerMarch
The Rifle RegimentMarchJohn Philip SousaMarch15-Aug-04
The Royal PageantMarch and Two-StepWill HuffMarch16-Sep-12
The Royal Welch FusiliersMarchJohn Philip SousaMarch20-May-13
The Salvation Army MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
The Show Boy MarchWill HuffMarch
The Show Girl MarchWill HuffMarch
The Show World MarchJ.J. RichardsMarch
The Slavic Woman's FarewellVasiliji Ivanovitj Agapkined. Timothy RheaMarch28-Oct-12
The Sorcerer's ApprenticePaul DukasJames ChristensenSolo & band22-Mar-09
The Sorcerer's ApprenticePaul DukasJames CurnowSelections24-Oct-10
The Sound of MusicSelections fromRichard RodgersJames ChristensenBroadway21-Sep-14, 15-Jul-07, 15-Jul-01
The Sousa ScrambleJohn Philip SousaPaul MurthaMarch19-May-02
The Southerner MarchRussell AlexanderMarch16-Mar-08
The SquealerMarchio circusosioWill HuffMarch17-Jun-12
The StandardQuadrilleJ.J. RichardsMarch
The Stars & Stripes ForeverJohn Philip SousaMarch7-Sep-14, 4-Jul-14, + many
The Steeplechase GalopRussell AlexanderMarch17-Jun-07
The Story of TAPStraditionalChuck SwisherNovelty10-Sep03, 4-Jul-03
The Sussex Mummers' Christmas CarolPercy Aldridge GraingerD. StotterHoliday7-Dec-14
The Symphonic BeatlesJohn Lennon & Paul McCartneyJohn CacavasPop16-Jun-13, 16-Mar-08
The Syncopated ClockLeroy AndersonMarty SchubergPop16-Sep-07, 21-Mar-04, 21-Apr-02
The Thin Red LineKenneth J. AlfordMarch20-Sep-98
The ThundererMarchJohn Philip SousaMarch8-Sep-10, 18-Jul-10, + 3 many
The Triton Medley MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
The Troubadour WaltzWill HuffWaltz21-Sep-08
The Twister MarchW.D. HainesMarch
The TypewriterLeroy AndersonFloyd E. WerlePop20-Apr-03
The U.S. Field Artillery MarchJohn Philip SousaMayhew L. LakeMarch
The Ultimate Patriotic Sing-AlongtraditionalJerry BrubakerPatriotic4-Jul-09
The United States Army MarchHarold Josiah CrosbyMarch
The United States Navy MarchHarold Josiah CrosbyMarch
The Vanguard MarchJ.C. HeedMarch
The Vanished Army(They Never Die - Poetic March)Kenneth J. AlfordMarch19-Jun-11
The Victor MarchKarl L. KingMarch21-Jul-02, 21-Apr-02
The Victorious FirstMarchHenry FillmoreMarch
The Volunteers MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
The Wagon Passes(from “Nursery Suite”)Edward ElgarNorman A. GoldbergSelections
The Waltonian MarchJ.J. RichardsMarch
The Waltzing CatLeroy AndersonPhilip J. LangPop21-Aug-05, 21-Jul-02
The WarriorC.E. DubleMarch21-Aug-11
The Waterville MarchR.B. HallMarch
The West WingW.G. WaldonRoy PhillipeT.V.
The Whistler & His DogArthur PryorAndrew BalentSolo & band20-Jul-08. 20-Apr-03, + 2 more
The Whistling Farmer Boy(Whistling Novelty)Henry FillmoreMarch
The White Plume MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
The White Rose MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch15-May-11
The Wizard of OzHarold ArlenJames BarnesMovies4-Jul-14, 18-May-14, + many
The Zouaves MarchWill HuffMarch
Them BassesG.H. HuffineMarch11-Feb-12, 8-Sep-10, + many
Theme & Variations on the Carman’s WhistleWilliam ByrdBenjamin SuchoffThemes & Variations
Theme and FantasiaArmand RussellThemes & Variations
Theme from “The A Team”Mike Post & Pete CarpenterPaul MurthaT.V.
Themes Like Old TimesmultiWarren BarkerPop17-Aug-08, 20-Jun-14, + 2 more
Themes Like Old Times IVmultiJohn EdmondsonPop16-Mar-08, 17-Sep-06
Themes Like Old Times llmultiWarren BarkerPop15-Jul-07, 15-Jun-05, + 2 more
Themes Like Old Times lllmultiWarren BarkerPop17-Aug-14, 15-Apr-07, + 2 more
There's Something About a SoldierNoel GayPaul YoderPatriotic4-Jul-09
TheThunderbolt GalopFred K. HufferMarch
They Can't Take That Away From MeGeorge GershwinWarren BarkerSolo & band17-Aug-08, 21-Aug-05
This Business About ReedsHandouts
This Is My CountryA.I. Jacobs & Don RayeJerry BrubakerPatriotic17-Jul-11, 4-Jul-11
Those Fabulous FutesJack BullockSolo & band10-Mar-13
Three Ayres from GloucesterHugh M. StuartSelections
Three Japanese FanfaresThomas C. DuffySelections
Three Revolutionary Marches 1. March of the Revolutionary GuardBedrich SmetanaVaclav NelhybelMarch16-Mar-03
Three Revolutionary Marches 2. March of the Student’s LegionBedrich SmetanaVaclav NelhybelMarch
Three Revolutionary Marches 3. March of FreedomBedrich SmetanaVaclav NelhybelMarch
Three Songs of Colonial AmericatraditionalLeroy JacksonSelections18-May-08
Three Symphonic FanfaresJames BarnesSelections
Through Bolts & BarsErnst UrbachMarch
Through the AirAugust DammSolo & band
Through the Eyes of Love(Theme from "Ice Castles")Marvin HamlischJerry NowakMovies
Thunder & Blazes(Entry of the Gladiators)Julius FucikEric OsterlingMarch15-Aug-04, 20-Apr-03, + 3 more
Thunder & Blazes(Entry of the Gladiators)Julius FucikJ.S. SeredyMarch12-Aug-12, 20-Apr-08, + 2 more
Thunder and Lightning PolkaJohann StraussMilburn E. CareySelections
Tico TicoZequinha de AbreuDavid MarlettSolo & band
Ticonderoga MarchLeroy AndersonMarch19-Jun-11
Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak TreeIrwin Levine & L. Russell BrownPaul CookPop21-Jul-02, 17-Jun-01
Tijuana Brass in ConcertmultiTed RickettsPop20-Jun-10, 17-Jul-05
Tiptoe Through The TubasJoe BurkeJerry BrubakerSolo & band8-Sep-10, 14-Mar-10
Toccata for BandFrank EricksonSelections20-Mar-05, 16-Jun-02, 17-Sep-00
Tonophone Two-StepWill HuffMarch17-Jun-12
Tops in Pops!multiPaul Yoder & Walter BeelerPop
Tosti's Goodbye MarchHenry FillmoreMarch
Toute la Nuit(Rag)Arthur PryorMayhew L. LakeRag
TrafalgarMarchW. ZehleMarch
TranscontinentalMarchHarry R. HughesMarch
Transit Of Venus MarchJohn Philip SousaGay CorrieMarch
Transit Of Venus MarchJohn Philip SousaLoras John SchisselMarch
Tra-Ra-Ra Bum Di-E(Marsch Opus 433)Carl Michael ZieherLoren D. GeigerMarch
Treatise For TwoDavid BennettSolo & band
Tribute To Ray Charles(Georgia On My Mind-Hallelujah I Love Her So-What'd I Say)multiJohnnie VinsonPop16-May-10, 20-Aug-06, 12-Aug-06
Trinity Bells MarchR.B. HallMarch
Triumph of TimeMarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
Triumphal March(from "Aida")Giuseppe VerdiG.E. HolmesSolo & band20-Sep-09
Trombone SymphonymultiNewell H. LongSolo & band
Trombonium MarchBuell N. WithrowRibe DanmarkMarch19-Aug-01
Trooper's GreetingC.E. DubleMarch
Troopers TribunalHenry FillmoreMarch
Trooping the ColorsFred JewellLoren D. GeigerMarch
True BlueMarchKarl L. KingMarch17-May-09, 16-May-99, 16-Aug-98
Tuba Tiger RagHarry DecostaDavid MarshallRag21-Jun-09
Turn Yourself AroundDavid WolpeSolo & band
Tuxedo JunctionB. Feyne, E. Hawkins, W. Johnson, & J. DashJohnnie VinsonSwing
Tuxedo MarchWill HuffMarch
Twas the Night Before ChristmasmultiJack BullockHoliday7-Dec-14, 8-Dec-13
Twin OaksJames BarnesOverture
Two Moods for BandGardner ReadSelections
U.S. BandmastersCurtis LarkinMarch
U.S. of A. Armed Forces(A Review March to)Henry FillmoreMarch
Uber den Wellen(Over the Waves)Rosas von FuventinoGustav LottererWaltz
Uncle Dooley’s DelightHornpipe MarchR.B. HallMarch18-Mar-07
Under the Double EagleJ.F. WagnerMarch16-May-10, 19-Jul-98
Under White TentsC.E. DubleMarch16-May-10
Unfinished SymphonyFranz SchubertTheo. Moses-TobaniSymphony
United States Army Ambulance Corps MarchJohn Philip SousaLoren D. GeigerMarch
University of IllinoisMarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
University Of Kansas MarchJ.J. RichardsMarch
University of NebraskaMarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
Unser Kaiser FriedrichFranz von BlonL.P. LaurendeauMarch16-Mar-03
ValdresmarsjJohannes HanssenMarch21-Sep-14, 15-Jun-14, + 3 more
Vals Nostalgico(from “Chapultepec”)Carlos ChavezWaltz
Valse CoquetteCyril WattersSolo & band
VarfestAge HermansenMarch19-Sep-04, 4-Jul-02
Variations on a Korean Folk SongJohn BarnesThemes & Variations16-Aug-09
Varsog (Spring)Henning SommersOdd RogneSelections
VashtiMarchHenry FillmoreMarch
VelomaniaGalopL.P. LaurendeauLoren D. GeigerMarch16-May-99
Venetian BeautiesWaltzKarl L. KingWaltz15-Jun-03
Veni, Vidi, Vicci March(Two-Step)R.B. HallMarch
Vera WaltzHenry FillmoreHarold BennettWaltz
Vestal OvertureJames D. PloyharOverture11-Sep-02, 18-Aug-02, 21-May-00
Victory Day MarchEdwin Franko GoldmanMarch
Vienna to VicksburgRussell AlexanderLoren D. GeigerMarch
Viletta PolkaJ.J. RichardsMarch
Village Chimes WaltzHenry FillmoreHarold BennettWaltz21-Aug-05
Visalia GalopJ.J. RichardsMarch21-Aug-11
VisionsOpus 1Jerry NowakSelections
Viva Italia!multiJack BullockSelections19-Sep-10, 8-Sep-10, + many
W.M.B. March(Waterville Military Band)R.B. HallMarch15-Aug-04
Walt Disney Band ShowcasemultiFloyd E. WerleMovies
Waltz Time with Johann StraussJohann StraussJohn CacavasWaltz20-Sep-09
Wanderlust MarchKarl L. KingMarch20-Mar-11
Washington Post MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch21-Sep-14, 4-Jul-13, + many
WavesMarchHenry FillmoreMarch19-Aug-07
Way Down Yonder in New OrleansJohn Turner Layton & Henry CreamerJerry NowakSwing15-Aug-10
We Are Coming MarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
We Will Rock YouBrian MayMichael SweeneyPop5-Jul-06
We’re Men of FloridaMarchHenry FillmoreMarch
Welcome MarchHenry FillmoreHarold BennettMarch
West Of the RockiesJ.J. RichardsMarch18-Jul-10
West Side StoryLeonard BernsteinJay BocookBroadway16-Jun-13, 20-Jun-10, + 2 more
Westerner MarchJ.J. RichardsMarch
What A Friend We Have in JesustraditionalMark FreehSolo & band16-Jul-00
What A Wonderful WorldmultiRichard SaucedoSolo & band11-Mar-12, 11-Feb-12, + 2 more
What's Up At The Symphony?(Greatest Hits of Bugs Bunny)multiJerry BrubakerMovies21-Oct-07
When I Fall In LoveVictor YoungMichael BrownPop20-May-12, 19-Mar-06
When the Boys Come Sailing HomeJohn Philip SousaMarch21-Aug-11
Where Never Lark or Eagle FlewJames CurnowSelections7-Sep-14, 17-Aug-14
Where Valor Proudly SleepsRobert LongfieldPatriotic23-Oct-11
White Christmasfrom "The Holiday Inn"Irving BerlinJohn MossHoliday7-Dec-14
Who’s Who in the Navy BlueMarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
Wichita Beacon, MarchJ.J. RichardsMarch
Wien Bleibt Wien MarchJohann SchrammelM.C. MeyrellesMarch
William Tell Overture (Finale)G. RossiniRobert LongfieldOverture25-Oct-09
Willow BlossomsJohn Philip SousaWilliam TeagueMarch
Willow, WillowPercy Aldridge GraingerCarl SimpsonSolo & band
Windjammer OvertureJohn WassonOverture
Winter WonderlandDick Smith & Felix BernardC. Paul HerfurthHoliday
Wireless Despatch MarchWill HuffMarch
Wisconsin Forward ForeverJohn Philip SousaMarch
With Sword & LanceHermann StarkeMarch
Within These Hallowed HallsJames SwearingenSelections4-Jul-14
Wizard of the WestC.E. DubleMarch
WolverineMarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
Woody Van's MarchKarl L. KingMarch17-Jun-07, 20-May-07
Yankee Doodle BoyGeorge M. CohanZane Van AukenPatriotic17-Jul-11, 4-Jul-11, + many
Yankees in Vienna MarchRussell AlexanderMarch15-May-05
Yare OvertureHenry FillmoreHarold BennettOverture
Yellow Rose of TexastraditionalChuck SwisherPop
Yellow SubmarineJohn Lennon & Paul McCartneyEric OsterlingPop
Yorktown's CentennialMarchJohn Philip SousaMarch
Yosemite AutumnMark CamphouseSelections20-Oct-13
You and You WaltzJohann StraussEmil AscherWaltz17-Jun-01
You Raise Me UpBrendan Graham & Rolf LovlandJohn WassonSolo & band
You're A Grand Old FlagGeorge M. CohanFrank D. CofieldPatriotic17-Jul-11, 4-Jul-11, + many
Zacatecas(Mexican March)Genaro CodinaL.P. LaurendeauMarch15-May-11, 21-May-06, + 2 more
Zenith OvertureHenry FillmoreHarold BennettOverture
ZueignungRichard StraussAlbert Oliver DavisSelections20-Jun-10