COVID-19 UPDATE: Please help us keep running so we can return to providing free concerts for the peninsula as soon as it is safe to do so.

The Sequim City Band is a non-profit organization formed in 1992. We have lasted so long because of the help of our Band-Aides! Our trusty donors keep us alive and thriving. Thank you!

Every year the Band is proud to provide free concerts to the public. Each program presents a variety of selections for your listening pleasure. Because of your generosity, the Band has an extensive library of music, with each composition representing an investment of nearly $100. This allows for us to play new music, encouraging growth within our group, as well as creating an ever-changing experience for our listeners.

Donations also help us with our everyday operating needs including our conductor’s wage for his hours of dedication to our group, as well as occasional instrument needs, supplies, and investment for our future.

The Band also funds scholarships for eligible college or college-bound students that have performed with the band.

We hope that this makes it clear how much we need and value your support. Our fundraising budget goal for 2020 is $35,000. Will you help us reach it?  

Donations can be made in person during our concerts in the wooden donation box, by mail with one of our donation envelopes, or now recurring donations can be made online at Network for Good.

Donate here:  Become a Band-Aide

If you would like to help with a lifetime giving arrangement or other donation through your financial advisor, the Bands EIN number is:

EIN#: 91-2113961